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At Quality Construction Inc., we place a premium on setting up the right process to minimise wastage and improve the productivity of our crew members who are working on your concrete project.

The Call

When you come across our service offerings and like what you see, you can call us, write to us or stop by one of our offices nearby Calgary. When you call us, you can enquire about how we can help with the specific household or commercial concrete issue you may have. This will allow us to plan for a thorough briefing along with the necessary solution to address the issue

The estimate

Our crew members will arrive at your house or workplace. We will have a brief chat with you about your specific project and will also take a look at the work to be done (where the concrete work delivery needs to be fitted/removed, what material will it be made of, what will be the size/dimensions, how to fit in with the overall decor theme of the property and so on). This will allow us to draw up an estimate for your specific project. The estimate will cover details of the nature of the work to be carried out, its proposed costing and the timeline for the completion of the project.


We leave you with the estimate so that you can discuss it internally at your end. Once you are sure that the prices indeed align with the effort needed for the concrete work, you can proceed to the next step, that is, to call us to book our service. While booking, you can pick out a date and time that will be best suited for the job based on your needs. So if you need to hang around when the work is being carried out, you can opt for a weekend appointment.


The initial preparation work will be carried out by our team as per the agreed time. This way, during the actual activity, the amount of preparation work will be lesser, and we can get straight to the work in hand. A typical breakout work will involve the removal of the concrete and hauling it back to a dumping site so that the actual new concrete work will be faster.


With the formwork, we prepare the cavity on which the concrete filling needs to be poured in. Once this is done, we prepare the wood forms that are designed to hold the concrete in wet flowing form. These wood forms take the exact dimensions/measurements of the area so that concrete can percolate every single inch of the formwork. This provides the much-needed consistency in thickness and evenness of spread. With a grid of rebar, the strength of the concrete is further reinforced.


The pouring activity is carried out on a clear day so that its structural integrity can be maintained under extreme weather conditions. We arrange to pour the concrete either from a chute truck or a line pump. Once it is poured, it goes through a series of raking, levelling, edging and wiping to achieve a smooth, professional and levelled finish

The finish

We apply cut and broom and patterns based on customer preferences once it is ready to be treated with the tools for carrying out this activity. Curing with water and sealing allows forming a stronger concrete structure. Once the concrete hardens in a few days, we will remove the formwork, and the project can be deemed complete.

Interested to see our professional crew in action? Call us today at Quality Construction Inc. to know more about our proven process in executing concrete work projects in and around Calgary.

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